Mandarin Café Kung Fu Class

Discover the spirit of China through this beautiful
martial art that will help you become your best possible self!

Kung Fu is widely popular because it encompasses traditional beneficial Chinese medicine, incredibly efficient defensive techniques as well as mental and spiritual strength. Focusing on fitness and achieving self-defence skills is not only relaxing and beneficial for your organism, but it is also an exciting way of learning how to defend yourself against both physical and psychological threats. Moreover, it improves your flexibility, agility, and coordination. It takes commitment and perseverance to learn Kung Fu, but once you start, you will immediately notice an overall improvement in your life.

We Make Moving To China a Logical Next Step For Your Career


"Our Kung Fu class is dedicated to both Chinese and non-Chinese people who have decided to emerge into the beautiful and magical culture of China, © Bruce Jiang, Kung Fu Master, Mandarin Cafe"

For a foreigner who has chosen to move here and start a career, Kung Fu is the perfect way to discover more about the Chinese culture and lifestyle and learn how to successfully deal with challenges. If you want to integrate faster and understand the mentality of the Chinese people, as well as achieve new and beneficial skills, Kung Fu is the way to do it. And because we truly believe that you will fall in love with this amazing martial art and come to adore it as much as Chinese people do, we have decided to surprise you with a free Kung Fu class, included in our package for all of the internship and work & travel programs.

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