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Top 7 Android Apps for Foreign Expats in China

Top 7 Android Apps for Foreign Expats in China

Aside from being the biggest manufacturer in the world, China is slowly starting to be a preferred working country for many foreign people. More and more people from all over the world are now coming to China to work and learn about its rich history and culture. But one of the biggest problems everyone has is the language. This is a problem not only for the tourists but also for the people that come to work, study or live in China. Some apps that help out tourist have been developed, but being an expat requires a whole other set of applications. There is a big difference between the simple tourist app and the expat app. Firstly and most important because if the app is more complex it requires you to have some reading Mandarin skills and understand at least some Chinese characters. Not to mention about the pinyin and knowing how to draw the characters. In this article, you will learn about the most useful Android apps for long-stay in China.

1. Baidu Map/ Amap for Geolocation (free of charge)

These are the maps that are the most accurate. If you remember to update them regularly, they will give you the most precise information about your location and the nearby infrastructure. With the help of these maps, you can get to any place in China (and out). They can also tell you which bus you should take, how many stations you have left, the subway exit, etc. And if you are hungry, you will also find the best dining places, entertainment pubs, and nearby landmarks. It is a highly useful app even when you go from one city to another. Expats like to travel in China and, with the help of Baidu Map/ Amap, their trip is as smooth as possible. 

2. Pleco for Translations (free of charge)

This is the best Chinese dictionary app that exists so far. It is a free app and with paid add-ons you can add dictionaries and unique features (such as intelligent flashcards and OCR). Pleco is incredibly easy to use and offers features such as color-coded characters that will help you with the tones. The app is in simplified-traditional Chinese, and anyone can use it. Pleco is available both for Android and iOS. If you are studying Chinese, you can save a lot of time and money with the excellent dictionary app Pleco.

3. Astrill for VPN provider (not free)

Astrill is the leader in VPN market providing business and personal VPN since 2009. Customers in more than 190 countries use Astrill as their virtual shield for the internet every day. Astrill manages their own global gigabit network of VPS servers, making their service one of the most reliable and fastest out there. All the software is developed in-house, ensuring that the Astrill VPN app is one of the richest in features and easy to use VPN software. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, WiFi routers and other platforms. Stop anyone from tracking your internet activity with Astrill VPN.

4. Qunar for Travel (free of charge)

Qunar is the best China-made travel application. The Qunar mobile app can list airplane tickets, holiday packages, and hotel deals from China’s major travel agencies and websites. You can track down Hotels within 10 km, compare their prices and pull out user comments about those hotels. You can book tickets and the hotel rooms you want directly through the app. The best part about this travel app is that it offers up-to-the-minute train and flight timetables. Try Qunar and experience travel like you never did before.

5. WeChat for Messenger/Calls/Phone Charge/ Delivery Service/ Mobile Payments, etc. 

WeChat is a smashing hit chat app in China and is revolutionizing the future of mobile messaging. More than half a billion people use WeChat.  At first, the app was designed to popularize brands in Chat and blend third-party services. Now the next major focus is payment. WeChat is still a free messaging and calling app that lets you connect with your family and friends all over the world. It is an all-in-one communication app perfect for texts, video and voice calls, photo sharing, and games. But now, WeChat introduced into 12 worldwide locations, including Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, US, and India a service that allows you to make calls to landlines and mobile phones from more than 200 countries at nominal rates. In addition to this, all new WeChat users will receive more than one hour of free calling credit. There are even more rewards by inviting friends. Try WeChat now and communicate with your friends and family using the most advanced communication app.

6. Taobao for online shopping (free of charge)

Taobao is an app that connects you with the largest marketplaces in the world. On Taobao, you can find virtually anything, and it will be shipped directly to your door. Here you can find things you will not find anywhere else in China. There are dozens of hundreds competing for the same customers. That is one of the reasons why you will find the lowest prices on Taobao. Everybody says you should exercise caution when purchasing items online, but Taobao offers numerous buyer-protection systems and also the search results are organized based on the “reputation” of the vendor. This app is available for Android and iOS. Try shopping online with Taobao and you will not have to use any similar type of service ever again.

7.  Nuomi for Hot Sales/ Special Offers/ Coupons/ Group-Buying (free of charge)

The Chinese company Baidu, known for its search engines has decided to invest more than $3 billion into Nuomi, its online-to-offline business. Baidu, which was part of the social network Renren, now serves more than 650,000 stores in 330 cities in China. Nuomi allows customers to get in touch directly with merchants and receive the best prices. Nuomi will help you find the best hot sales, special offers, and coupons. Why not benefit from the best and biggest service to find the greatest deals? 

These are the top 7 Android apps for foreign expats in China. All you have to do now is try them and decide which one you like the most.

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