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Top 10 Reasons Why It Pays to Move to China

Top 10 Reasons Why It Pays to Move to China

Just in the last few years, the number of occupational specialists from the age of 25 to 40 who have 1 to 4 years of experience working a wide range of industries has increased dramatically. These skilled foreigners working in China are called expats, and although their migrations may directly relate to the explosion of growth seen in China’s economy, young professionals make the final decision to live and work in China for a variety of reasons.

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Here are the top 10 reasons why expats move to China. 

  1. Time and Money. The number one reason people move to China is to get paid more money than they will ever be able to obtain working the same job back home. Expat’s living and working in China are paid very well for jobs which they are skilled at, and as a result, they not only have more money but more free time as well, giving them much more freedom to do with as they see fit.
  2. Inexpensive Products and Services. Not only will you be making more money in China, but you’ll be able to save money on common items and services that you would normally pay more than twice as much for back home. 

  3. Culture. Seeing and experiencing a different culture which dates back thousands of years is among the top listed reason that expats move to China. That’s why seeing all of the amazing sights that China has to offer is among the top listed reasons that people move to China in the first place. 

  4. Safety. Another thing that people from western cultures aren’t used to is the safety of China. That’s not to say that China doesn’t have any crime, although the United States has 3 times the rate of crime than China comparatively. Additionally, the rate of violent crimes in China is so low and sporadic that it only occurs in rare occasions.

  5. Gender Equality. Not only do men have more respect for women and vice versa in China compared to western countries, but it is much easier for women to have a higher paying executive position compared to other countries. This is because there is a respect of gender equality which is engrained into Chinese culture.

  6. Less Stress. As opposed to the vertical and often micromanaged landscape of traditional western occupations, managers in China recognize the skills of their employees and give them the freedom to complete tasks without constantly checking up on their progress or monitoring their progress.

  7. The Sights. Chinese culture is one that is rich in history, with vibrant colors coming together in everything from fashion to the dazzling lights found on every corner of major cities at night. The architecture is also features some of the mot elegantly built structures and are renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  8. The Sounds. Music in China is also eclectic. Not just the bands who come to China on tour from the United States, but there is also talented community of live musicians who contribute to the music industry in virtually every genre.

  9. The Tastes. Authentic Chinese cuisine is also diverse. The ways in which the Chinese people incorporate spices to create unique and delicious dishes often amazes foreign expats and keeps them coming back for more.

  10. The Opportunity. While America was once known as the Land of Opportunity, even highly skilled and well-educated individuals can often find it difficult to find and maintain jobs. Because of China’s expanding economy, the country is seeing massive growth in virtually every industry. As a result, companies all over China are seeking out young professionals with the experience, abilities and knowledge to help grow their company. The Chinese economy is also one of the friendliest for entrepreneurs who are looking to make their name by launching a new business venture in China. 

When a skilled, young professional makes the decision to move to China to pursue career, they are motivated by much more than the money. Whether it’s the rich culture, the visual delights, the delicious cuisine or the appeal of additional free time and a disposable income that brings you to China, people from all over the world are happy they did.

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