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Teaching in China. The ideal job that pays better than professional jobs

Teaching in China. The ideal job that pays better than professional jobs

China is the country that is developing faster and more efficient than any other in the world. And even though China is a Super-Power, the living costs are much cheaper than in other countries like USA, Canada, UK, and Russia. The local population has an average salary of 3000-5000 Yuan, depending on the region. This amount may not seem much, but the rent is quite cheap in China. For example, if you share your room with someone you can find a place for 1500 Yuan and if you want to rent a one bedroom apartment, the prices will range between 3500-5500 Yuan. Many Chinese people manage to have a good life with their salaries.

English teachers in China

Because the country is focusing on developing further and being more open to foreign investments, local people knowing English have a significant advantage. That is why the Chinese government is always opening new English teacher positions in the major cities and also in some rural areas. And because of its importance for the future economy of the country, English teachers are paid much better salaries than other professional jobs.

Wages for English teachers are much higher the average wage of a Chinese. This is one of the reasons why Chinese people think that all foreigners that live in China are very wealthy. There are many factors on which the salary rates are calculated, such as the experience and qualifications, the place you work (kindergarten, school, college or university), etc. There are also a lot of private institutions that hire English teachers. Even big companies hire English teachers for their workers and their development.

Even without experience you start at the top

Even if you don’t have any experience, if you are a native speaker, the starting salary can be between 7000-9000 Yuan (starts from 10000 yuan for native speakers), depending, of course, on the workplace. That is why there are a lot of recruitment agencies that try to introduce teachers to schools and institutions. You can also try to deal with the school by yourself, but this will be a sure fail. Most educational institutions are extremely busy and prefer to connect via recruitment agencies. They leave the recruitment agency to provide them with referrals of foreign English teachers.

The benefits of English teachers 

Foreign English teachers are really privileged in China. They are given some services that are not available to the regular Chinese. 

  1. Health insurance – If you work at a public institution or in a big private school/center
  2. Holidays – With 16 national holidays, China is one of the countries that offers the longest periods of free time in the world. In addition to this, the minimum paid off-days each year should be between 7 and 14 days (up to one month for universities and colleges).
  3. Vacations – Depending on the institution, you may have 7-14 days for your vacation each year. All national holidays are paid by the employer.
  4. Transportation costs – Most employers cover the transportation costs by reimbursing teachers. Remember to ask about this before signing the contract with a company.
  5. Housing – In regards to foreign teachers, most schools are responsible for their housing. That is why the housing can be anything from a single room to an apartment. Ask your recruitment agency for more information. 
  6. Sick leave – If you work in the public sector, you have the right for a few paid days of sick leave each year. But if you take more than 15 sick days, the employer can terminate your contract unilaterally. The private sector does not pay for the sick days.
  7. VISA – The rules are changing every couple of years. The visa rules also depend on the region and city where the school is located. You have to consult with the recruitment agency because the regulation may change.
  8. Bonuses – Foreigners are paid bonuses more easily than Chinese people. This is one of the reasons why foreigners are so attracted to work as English teachers.
  9. Taxes – Sometimes, the teachers have to pay the taxes by themselves, especially for high salaries (15,000 – 18,000 Yuan a month).
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