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Seven Reasons to Start Your Career Abroad in China

Seven Reasons to Start Your Career Abroad in China

Asia is now the world’s leading destination for high-achieving and ambitious expats. Shanghai, China, is the leading work destination for expats. China’s market offers a broad range of business perks, but also attractive lifestyles. In this article, you will learn about the seven reasons for working and living in China. 

1. It builds your character

Starting a career is an enormous challenge. Starting one overseas requires a lot of responsibility and maturity. If you get a job abroad, the chances are that you will be all alone there, with no friends or co-nationals. This means that you have to handle everything on your own. Sometimes, the recruitment agency that put you in contact with your new company can help you with more information about accommodation, paperwork, and other important things. In addition to this, you will have to connect with your new co-workers and form a team. And if you do not know the language this could prove difficult.

2. For the love of money 

This is the first thing anyone wants to know about. Luckily, in China, this is not a problem for exceptional and talented expats. In a report done by HSBC Bank International Limited, China has ranked first in their income Expat Economics league table. In China, workers have, on average, the highest personal disposal income and household income. The survey done in China also revealed that China’s market is a hotspot for top earners. Almost one-quarter of all the expats living in China earn more than $270.000 annually. The global average income is approximately 5% of this. That is why most of the expats who come in China come with the high salaries in mind.

3. Low living costs

The salaries are high, but the living cost is not. Reports have ranked China as the fourth in the Expat Economic league table that measured the expat’s ability to afford services and goods. And this was measured in Shanghai, where the cost of living is much higher than the average in China. Most expats enjoy a higher income than they did at home, but the accommodation and food prices are lower. This means that you can save up money without having to make many sacrifices. And if you want, you can even splurge yourself in luxury once in a while. In the big cities, lie Shanghai and Beijing you can easily find fancy hotels, pampering spas, and great restaurants.

4. The opportunities

More than 60% of people who have moved abroad to work declared that their finances improved and got more complex (and 75% of them are high earners). But when you move to China to work you will see that there are countless other companies that have opened their offices here. The high salaries and the numerous opportunities make China a growing financial center. In addition to this, the economic rapid growth and the new investments into manufacturing make China remain the number one destination for people who are searching to work abroad.

5. Transportation 

You may think that living in a big Chinese city is daunting and hard to get around it. In reality, the infrastructure of most cities is simple with inexpensive and extensive public transport systems. For example, Shanghai has the world’s largest metro system and also has more than 1,000 bus routes that can get you anywhere you want. 

6. A tight expat community

Living in a huge city can be confusing sometimes and incredibly overwhelming. Knowing someone who knows what is what is a huge plus. Luckily for newbies, the veterans are willing to share their wisdom. You can just ask a colleague at your new job to help you, or you can check out some forums for tips and helpful advice (you could even make new friends there).

7. Adventure time

Many perks can motivate you to start a career in China, but one of the most important is the feeling of adventure. If you feel stuck in a rut professionally and personally, or you are searching for a new, exciting challenge, starting a new career in China is perfect for you. You will be able to encounter the final foreign frontier here. China is one of the oldest cultures in the world, with a beautiful language, unique writing, and delicious food.

Photo credit: Bernd Thaller

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