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How Ironman, Batman and Boy Who Lived Can Help You Improve Your Spoken Chinese

How Ironman, Batman and Boy Who Lived Can Help You Improve Your Spoken Chinese

Learning Chinese can prove to be difficult if you do it by yourself. You may think you understand everything, but, most probably, you don’t. That is why it is best to get the help of a Chinese friend or a tutor. But even with all of that, it will still prove to be difficult to set a good foundation for your Chinese learning process. That is why you have to practice. Practice with friends and strangers as much as possible, so you will start to form thoughts directly in Chinese. But to be able to think in a different language than your own, you have to have a good vocabulary and know a lot of frequently used words. 

Watch a movie

You can read books and magazines, but those take a lot of time, and you can get tired quite fast. A more fun and active way of rehearsing your Chinese and enriching your vocabulary it to watch movies. For many people this is their favorite way of learning because:

  • Movies are fun and entertaining. When you are too tired to do anything else, all you have to do is to put on a movie and watch it while you are relaxed.

  • The natural conversation. Movies tend to offer the natural Chinese conversation that is used in real life. You probably won’t find this type of discussions in books, music or news. 

  • Culture. Watching movies is the fastest way to becoming culturally fluent. You can watch popular movies and connect with your Chinese friends. 

  • You can choose what you watch. You can select a movie of your choice, and if you know the movie well enough, it will be even better and easier to learn Chinese from it. 

In the beginning, you will find it hard, especially if you don’t have a basic level of vocabulary. After you already have a basic understanding, as the intermediate level, you can start watching movies that have both the Chinese and English subtitles simultaneously. This way you can learn what the unknown characters are, and what they mean. The only problem with this method is the moment when you encounter new and unfamiliar words. You will have to identify the sounds and look them up in the dictionary for a clear understanding. 

Batman Chinese movie poster

What movies are good for Chinese learning?

If you pick a movie that you like, you can’t go wrong. But if this does not work for you, or if you already watched your favorite movies and you want something new, you can always pick from Chinese drama movies. Drama films tend to be nontechnical, contain everyday situations, and actors speak relatively slowly. Here is a list of Chinese dramas that you may find interesting and are good for Chinese and Mandarin learning. 

Dubbed Western Movies are a good option

But sometimes nothing can beat an episode of “The Simpsons”, “Friends”, or “Game of Thrones” dubbed in Mandarin. Even better, you can try watching your favorite international movie dubbed in Mandarin.

To find movies and TV-series that are dubbed in Chinese, you have to search them on China’s Google, called And even if you do the search, you have to know the names of the movies and how are they called in China. All the western movie titles are translated into Chinese, and you need to do the search for that translation. Here is a list of Chinese names of a few famous western movies that you might like.

  • “Star Wars” 星際大戰
  • “Iron Man”  钢铁侠;
  • “Batman” 蝙蝠侠
  • The Lord of the Rings” 魔戒
  • “The Hobbit” 霍比特人
  • “Forest Gump” 阿甘正传
  • “Star Trek” 星际迷航
  • “Superman” 超人
  • “Harry Potter” 哈利波特;
  • “The Godfather” 教父
  • “The Matrix” 黑客帝国


You can always do a little research online to find the Chinese names of western movies. And by having the right names, you will be able to find your favorite movies through the Chinese search engine Baidu. After that, all you need is a popcorn bag, and you are set to go. 

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