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Five reasons to do your summer internship in China

Five reasons to do your summer internship in China

Many people try to decide whether to volunteer or intern abroad. If you are thinking of doing this, you have to consider many things. Is this suitable to your personality? Does routine and structure appeal to you or you prefer the unexpected and unpredictable? Are you searching to become better in your industry or are you just taking a break from another type of work? Do you think there are skills you could learn from an internationally competitive company? 

Many articles were written trying to convince you to volunteer. But this article is different. Often volunteer and internship positions overlap. In this article, you will learn the five reasons why you should consider becoming an intern in China instead. 

1. Internships are often school or university affiliated

Internships are mostly designed to train high schoolers and university students. Some universities even give extra credits for completing a specific number of hours. In addition to this, there are several options for internships and studying abroad. This includes the internship experience in the academic one. In this case, the university gives you the opportunity of being an intern and taste something more career-oriented while, at the same time, remaining focused on your studies. Get informed and see if your university offers you the possibility of interning in China. Countless international and national companies are willing to take you and train you for the future. And who knows? Maybe, after you graduate, you can even get a well-payed job there.

2. Internships are career-oriented

Doing an internship can help you get a practical vision of working for a particular company, in a particular field. China is upgrading its manufacturing industry and is constantly developing new ones, such as the domestic semiconductor industry. For this, they require a lot of well-trained engineers, which have a lot of work experience. It is excellent for you if you do your internship in China and learn from the best. You can learn and build you experience directly from expert personnel. In addition to this, if they see that you are talented and can manage your responsibilities, you could even get hired after graduation. 

3. Internship can help you get a job faster

All those who fresh out of college understand how elusive a full-time job can be. And as the unemployment rate is increasing worldwide, even people with padded resumes and decades of experience can find themselves without a job for months. But you can make job hunting process smoother: an internship can help you transform yourself from the theory-orientated student into an action-orientated worker. 

During your internship, you will receive training and learn about your future. The internship will also help you grasp the meaning of a full-time program and narrow down your interests in a field of work.

4. Internships increase further work opportunities 

The whole reason why internships were invented is to find potential job offers. Employers love to find potential candidates from foreign countries. And some future employees like to catch the attention of their manager by selflessly volunteering. But you must be careful in doing this. 

The question is: what skill do you learn by volunteering to do a thing? Most of the times the skills learned through volunteering are common and are not as useful as the ones acquired through industry-specific work. Doing an internship abroad is a great opportunity for learning how a foreign company or international company works. This valuable insight is a powerful advantage for you when you return to your country. 

Furthermore, an internship means work experience, even if it is a limited amount of time. Having an internship on your resume will make you stand out from the crowd and could get you a higher position, with a better salary.

5. An internship in China does not necessarily mean that you have to know Chinese Mandarin

Learning a new language is fun, but it often takes a lot of time to master (time most people do not have, especially if you have just finished school). For example, doing an internship and living in Beijing or Shanghai can be easily done just by knowing English language. A lot of people in PRC can speak English, even local shop owners or cab drivers. And if you have trouble with communication, people in China are more than happy to assist you anyway. You can even spend your entire internship without speaking Chinese, unless you want to learn.

And why not learn Chinese? China is the biggest manufacturer in the world, and companies all over the world do imports in their countries from China. Why not be that important person in the company that is responsible for the China communication? Chinese is not that hard to learn as you may think. 

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