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Five best secrets to learn Mandarin Chinese fast

Five best secrets to learn Mandarin Chinese fast

Mandarin learning is not as hard as most people think. The learning process is quite easy if you use the secret advice of individuals who have successfully learned Mandarin Chinese. These secrets will help you learn Mandarin better and help you master it faster. 

Secret No.1: Find ways to connect with Mandarin 

The top important thing when learning Mandarin is to find the means to connect with it. It will be much harder if you don’t find the inspirational reason to learn it. If you try learning it just to pass your exam, your brain will perceive it as a chore, and it will assimilate harder. 

But if you try watching some Mandarin TV movies or shows, listen to the Mando-pop and review your notebook once a day, you will see that learning Mandarin can be fun. You can also try to find a foreign friend or a language partner with whom you can study and practice the spoken language. Hanging out with people that know the language can make the learning process go much faster than learning on your own.  A good exercise is to review your vocabulary words every night before you go to sleep. 

Secret No.2: Don’t give up!

When you reach the intermediate level, you will realize that there are dozens of vocabulary words you have to remember in addition to the learned grammar. The sentences are more complex than the previous ones, but this is normal for people who have mastered Mandarin. 

When the job becomes harder, you have to keep practicing and rehearse more. Don’t give up Mandarin from the first obstacle; you will see that is not that hard. There is this motto: “He knows not his own strength hath not met adversity” (没有遭到挫折的人,就不会了解自己的力量有多大).

Secret No.3: The use of your notebook

Using and reviewing your notebook is crucial when learning Mandarin. You don’t even need to make it look good or easy to read. Some people have thousands of words written down, but they are unable to speak Mandarin at all. Instead of doing only that, try to add some examples of how to use the new words you learned. Don’t just add a new word in the notebook without reviewing it too.  Repeat the new words until you can write them in your mind with your eyes closed. In addition to this, for beginners is important to put your pinyin in a place where you will not see it immediately. This will help you exercise thinking and remembering each Chinese character, instead of relying on your pinyin. 

You can use your phone as a notebook. You can write both old and new words on it, and you will always have the vocabulary list with you. 

Secret No.4: Practicing Mandarin 

You should try practicing a conversation by reading it out loud. This is a very effective exercise because you practice reading, speaking, and listening (hearing your voice) at the same time. Don’t be lazy and write an article or journal in Mandarin. And even if your teacher didn’t give you this sort of assignment, you should still do it. This will help you view the progress you’ve made and review what you have learned. 

By writing an article, you will be able to use more and more complex sentences and slowly you will be able to express yourself fluently. Whenever you have some time, start writing, or even translating some articles into Mandarin. 

Secret No.5: Investing for a solid foundation 

This advice applies to any language. It is utmost important to have created a solid basis from the start, especially for a language like Mandarin. Many people think that learning Mandarin two hours a week are enough to build a foundation. But Mandarin needs its basics. You must master the four tones, which confuse most English speakers. You also have to master the pinyin, which is needed to correctly pronounce the logographic characters. Also, the pinyin helps you grasp the stroke order to form characters and other fundamentals. 

It will take you hours of writing, speaking, and listening to master all the basics. If you study inefficiently, you could study for years without seeing any results. If you invest in an intensive Mandarin program, such as the one at Mandarin Café in Beijing and Shanghai or various Chinese universities, you will learn the language efficiently and easily. 

There are a lot of things you have to do to learn Mandarin. But if you have decided to learn it, do it efficiently and invest your most valuable asset: TIME.

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